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AI Link has built many incredible AI technologies and now boasts a massive private collection of AI IP to pull from, making AI Link well equipped to make your vision a reality. Complete with 26 engineers including experience in top organizations like Amazon, Google and Federal Government technology infrastructure projects, our team can build advanced custom tech with high quality and speed.

Capabilities, while focused on AI, also include, but not limited to: Private Generative AI model creation (from scratch, offline); Fine tuning / training a generative AI model such as a Large Language or Multi-Modal Model; AI-Based production line infrastructure scoping, development and deployment; Large scale 15+ million user Government Satellite networks; Robotics engineering & automations; Machine learning algorithms based on large data sets optimizing for particular goals; 3D VR, Blockchain; Web and App development; Cyber Security, VR Gaming; Smart Contracts, Solidity, Metaverse construction, Gaming, VR spaces, Unity, WebGIS, land mapping systems, and full stack development.

Our CTO received the Excellence Award from Canberra for the deployment of the Australian Federal Satellite & Radar Network which now provides the Aussie weather predictions for the national BOM app and Google.

Some popular builds we have been involved in include


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